Network of Correspondents


Name Birth Year Death Year Biographical Notes
Abbott, John ? ? Tyndall’s friend from the Ordnance Survey
Airy, Sir George Biddell 1801 1892 Astronomer Royal at the Greenwich Observatory 1835–1881
Allen (née Smith), Margaret 1828 ? Wife of Robert Allen
Allen, Robert Copeland 1823 ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland
Anderson, Charles 1790 1866 Laboratory and lecture assistant at the Royal Institution from 1832–1866
Babbage, Charles 1791 1871 Mathematician, philosopher, and inventor
Baker, William
Ball, John 1818 1889 Politician and glaciologist
Ballin, Hermine
Balmat, Auguste 1808 1862 Tyndall’s guide in the Alps in 1857
Banister, Frederick Dale 1823 1897 Friend of Tyndall
Barlow, John 1789 1869 Reverend and Secretary of the Royal Institute from 1843-1860
Barndard, Richard Boyle 1787 1850 Son of Francis, Earl of Bandon. Patron of Tyndall
Baskin, Robert ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Bates, David ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Bence Jones, Henry
Bence Jones, Millicent
Bevington, James Buckingham 1804 1892 Quaker leather merchant
Bloomfield, Robert (Bob) ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Booth, Francis ? 1853 Friend of Tyndall and Hirst
Booth, Sarah ? 1856 Widowed mother of Frank Booth. Hirst supported her when Frank died. Tyndall acted as intermediary
Breda, Jan
Brewster, Sir David 1781 1868 Scottish mathematician and astronomer. Principal of St Andrews University (1838–1859) and University of Edinburgh (1859–1869)
Bromeis, J.M. ? ? Friend of Tyndall
Buff, H ? ? Professor
Busk, Ellen ? ? Wife of George Busk
Busk, George 1807 1886 Zoologist and palaeontologist.
Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard 1811 1899 German chemist, professor of Chemistry at Marburg then Heidelberg
Buxton, Charles 1821 1872 Indepedent Liberal politician
Bryn, James
Carlyle, Mary
Carlyle, Thomas
Carroll, Thomas Harris ? 1861 Editor of the Carlow Sentinel
Chadwick, John C. ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Christie, Samuel
Church, Arthur H.
Clark, Latimer
Clausius, John
Clausius, Rudolph 1822 1888 German mathematician and physicist, made important contributions to thermodynamics
Cook, John Douglas 1808 1868 First editor of the Saturday Review (1855)
Cooke, W.
Cooper, White
Conwill, John 1802 1880 Tyndall’s academic mentor
Coxe, Sir James 1811 1878 MD FRSE. Scottish physician. Knighted 1863. Made Commissioner of General Board of Lunacy for Scotland in 1857
Coxe (née Cumming), Lady Mary Anne 1806 1875 Correspondent of Tyndall’s. Married Scottish Physician, James Coxes in 1841
Craven, James 1829 1886 Trained as a surveyor in Halifax
Cuddy, Martin (Blackthron) ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Cumming, Aexander
Cumming, Constace
Cumming, G.
Curtis, Richard
Darwin, Charles 1809 1882 Naturalist and geologist
Davy, John ? 1843 Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey; Son of James Davy
Dawes, Dean Robert
Day, George
de la Rive, Augustus Arthur 1801 1873 Professor of natural philosophy at the Academy of Geneva
de la Rue, Warren
de Lamartine, R.
Debus, Heinrich 1824 1915 German-born chemist, who taught at Queenwood College and the Royal Naval College
Delabeche, Henry
Despretz, César-Mansuète 1791 1863 Chemist
Dove, Heinrich Wilhelm 1803 1879 Physicist
Drummond, M.E.
du Bois-Reymond, Emil 1818 1896 German anatomist and physiologist
Duboscq, Louis Jules 1817 1886 Optician and instrument maker
Edgeworth, J.B.
Edmondson (née Singleton), Anne 1799 1863 Daughter of William Singleton and sister of Josiah Singleton
Edmondson, George 1798 1863 Quaker educationalist, advisor to Tsar Alexander I, header teacher at Queenwood College
Ernst, G.
Evans, Philip Deighton 1822 1906 Surveyor
Faraday, Michael 1791 1867 Natural philosopher and the Fullerian professor of chemistry at the Royal Institute
Faraday (née Barnard), Sarah 1800 1879 Wife of Michael Faraday
Flight, Walter
Forbes, Edward
Forbes, James David 1809 1868 Chair of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh. Studied behaviour of glaciers
Foy, Thomas M. 1814 ? Surveyor
Francis, William 1817 1904 Illegitimate son of publisher Richard Taylor. Partner within Taylor & Francis
Frankland, Edward (Trismegistus) 1825 1899 Chemist and close friend of John Tyndall
Galbraith, Joseph Allen 1819 1890 Professor of natural and experimental philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin
Gassiot, John Peter 1797 1877 Wine merchant. Researched electricity
Gerling, Christian Ludwig 1788 1864 German physicist and astronomer
Ginty, William Gilbert 1820 1866 Irish civil engineer
Gladstone, John Hall 1827 1902 British Chemist
Glaisher, James
Gore, George
Grailich, Wilhelm Joseph
Grey, George
Grieve, Tommy
Grove, William Robert 1811 1896 Welsh lawyer. Researched fuel cells
Haas, John 1828 ? Teacher of modern languages and drawing at Queenwood College
Harrison, James
Haughton, Samuel 1821 1897 Irish mathematician, geologist, anatomist, and physiologist
Hawker, Charles
Hawtrey, S.
Hayran, Jim
Hebdon, John ? ? Friend of Tyndall
Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von 1821 1894 German physicist and physician
Henslow, J.S.
Herschel, John Frederick William 1792 1871 First baronet, astroner, and mathematician
Hessel, Johann Friedrich Christian 1796 1872 German crystallographer and mineralogist
Higginson, Thomas Charles 1821 1898 Major in the Royal Artillery
Hirst, Anna (née Martin) 1831 1857 Wife of Thomas Archer Hirst
Hirst, Thomas Archer 1830 1892 Yorkshire educator and mathematician
Holmes, J ? ?
Hooker (née Henslow), Frances Harriet 1825 1874 Wife of Joseph Hooker and daughter of Cambridge botanist, John Steven Henslow
Hooker, Joseph Dalton 1817 1911 British botanist, specialized in taxonomy
Hopkins, William 1793 1866 Geologist and mathematician
Hughes, G.W.
Humboldt, Alexander 1769 1859 German naturalist and explorer
Huxley, Henrietta Wife of T.H. Huxley
Huxley, Thomas Henry 1825 1895 British zoologist, educator, and science popularizer
Jewsbury, Geraldine
Joule, James Prescott 1818 1889 Physicist
Knoblauch, Karl Hermann 1820 1895 German physicist
Kohlrausch, Rudolph Hermann Arndt 1809 1858 German physicist
Kupper, Conrad ? ? German friend of Tyndall
Lancaster, Jean
Lardner, Dionysius 1793 1859 Irish astronomer, editor, and popularizer of science
Latimer, George ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Lees, Frederic Richard 1815 1897 Promoter of teetotalism and Owenite socialism
Leyser, I.M.
Lilly, J.
Lissajour, J.
Lyell, Charles 1797 1875 Scottish geologist and lawyer
Lyell, Mary
Mackay, Charles 1814 1889 Scottish author, journalist and editor
Magnus, Heinrich Gustav 1802 1870 German chemist and physicist
Marquis, William ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Martin, Robert ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Mathews, William
Matteucci, Carlo 1811 1868 Italian chemist, physicist, physiologist, and politician
Maxwell, James Clark
McAssey, Debbie
McClintock, Henry
McLachlan, Archibald ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Moigno, François-Napoléon-Marie 1804 1884 French author, Catholic priest, and physicist
Moseley, Henry 1801 1872 English mathematician and educationalist
Müller, Johann Heinrich Jacob 1809 1875 German physicist and mathematician
Murray, John
Murray, William ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Nichol, John Pringle 1804 1859 Scottish educator
Normandy, A.
Owen, Richard 1804 1892 English atomist and palaeontologist. Hunterian Professor of Comparative Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons
Payne, Joseph ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Payne, Maria ? ? Tyndall’s cousin
Peel, Robert
Phillips, John 1800 1874 English geologist and paleontologist
Plateau, Joseph
Playfair, Jean A. Wife of Lyon Playfair
Playfair, Lyon 1818 1898 Chemist and politician
Plücker, Julius 1801 1868 German experimental physicist and mathematician
Poggendorff, Johann Christian 1796 1877 German chemist, editor, and physicist
Pollock (née Creed), Juliet 1819 1899 Wife of barrister and author, William Frederick Pollock. Daughter of the vicar of Corse
Pollock, W.F.
Pridie, W.R.
Ramsay, Andrew
Redgrave, Richard
Reich, Ferdinand
Rieß (Riess), Peter Theophil 1804 1883 German physicist
Roberts, John George (Sam Weller) ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Robinson, T.R.
Ruhmkorff, Heinrich Daniel 1803 1877 German engineer and instrument maker
Sabine, Edward 1788 1883 Anglo-Irish physicist
Savage, Robert
Sayers, Edmond Bob ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Schulze, O.
Singleton, J.
Sinnett, James 1807 1844 Skilled draughtsman; enlisted in Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners
Smith, Fanny
Snow Harris, William 1791 1867 Doctor and researcher of electricity
Sorby, Henry Clifton
Stegmann, Friedrich Ludwig 1813 1891 German mathematician
Steuart (née Duckett), Elizabeth Dawson 1802 1893 Patron of Tyndall
Stokes, George Gaberiel 1819 1903 English mathematician and physicist
Sylvester, James Joseph 1814 1897 English mathematician
Thomson, William 1824 1907 Irish-Scottish inventor, mathematician, and physicist
Tidmarsh, Christine
Tidmarsh, John Francis 1824 1906 Close colleague and friend of Tyndall
Tidmarsh, Mary
Todd, John ? ? Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Trevelyan, Arthur
Tyndale, George Hector 1821 1889 American businessman and Tyndall’s cousin
Tyndall, Emma 1817 1904 Tyndall’s sister
Tyndall, John, Sr. 1792 1847 Tyndall’s father
Tyndall (née McAssey), Sarah 1793 1867 Tyndall’s mother
Tyndall, William
Wartmann, Elie-François 1817 1886 Swiss archaeologist and physicist
Weber, Wilhelm Eduard 1804 1891 German physicist
Weld, C.K.
Whewell, W.
Wiedemann, Gustav Heinrich 1826 1899 German editor and physicist
Witt, Henry M.
Wright, Gustavus Hamilton 1812 1872 Civil assistant on the Ordnance Survey
Wright, William 1818 1892 Close friend of Tyndall
Wynne (née Osborne), Anne 1808 1864 Wife of George Wynne. Daughter of Sir Daniel Toler Osborne
Wynne, George 1804 1890 Irish member of the Royal Engineers
Wynne, R.E.
Young (née Tyndall), Emma 1825 ? Tyndall’s cousin